Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Secret Ingredient

More than a year since I wrote. And there is only one thing which has made me sit up and write- FOOD! What makes an excellent cook?

To give some back ground. I absolutely detest cooking. And I thank my stars that my fiance (yes I am getting married in a couple of months but that is another story) is hands down an expert in this. I have been trying to find some logic as to why he is so good and why I struggle (not that I cant cook well but it taked too much effort on my part).

Here's my hypothesis. He is not scared of experimenting. He thinks there is no logic to it, flow with it and his secret ingredient- add anything and everything in everything. In stark contrast, I calculate everything- the water, the salt even the time it should be left on stove. I go with the secure way- find a recipe and follow it to death.

Even though I know his is the easier and more delicious way, I guess I will still play safely

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Only if they would walk faster..

There is a difference in how we see things- always judging people and how the "mature" people do- supporting us throughout.

I am happy that I have gained some flab (thanks to my compulsive eating at home) and so can work on it. So, I was ready in my jogging attire- bands, new shoes :), plugging the ipod and I was good to go. In fact I created a new playlist of all the songs which would make anyone groove. After a few rounds of warming up, I made those feet run faster and I was finally jogging. But what are these grandmas and pas doing..coming in my way, derailing me. Only if they would walk faster! But now what happened. I cant feel my legs. That burst of energy is gone. After a few minutes, I was just dragging my feet and panting (the music now was drone to my ears). So embarassed I was now just walking. I heard two girls giggling and I smiled thinking "Yes I know you are laughing at me. And you are sympathetic, I would have been more cruel in such a situation".

But then I heard words of encouragement. Someone was saying "Shabash shabash". It was an old lady sitting on a bench. And I was ready to start again :)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Brush with reality

There are some moments which make you realise that you have yet not seen life. This incident is one of them.
I was teaching some kids. I get some kicks out of that. So one evening I was going through a Payal's art book and there was a note from her teacher "She has not completed her colour filling exercise". For no good reason, I lost my temper. Even on my repeated questioning she didnt give me any reason for not completing it. I punished her by not talking to her again that day. When I told the same to her mother, she answered me with amusing eyes that they cannot afford her crayons at this time.
I was dumbfounded. How could this simple truth escape me? They were probably affording her education with great difficulty. And Payal was very much sensitive to the financial situation at her home.
I have no clue till when will she be able to continue her education or what use if any will be this little erratic education about alphabets and art to her.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Miss..

Insti Parties- I attended them only in my second year. But miss the free flow dancing and freely flowing beer bottles, getting drunk, fighting with friends, being dropped back by the same friends, holding myself to tell them I am fine and then dropping with a dhadaaaaaam, waking up late next morn, sitting at Fauji, apologizing for the fights picked up and best of all-always being forgiven :)

Late night walks- Discussions hovering around Who is taking a walk with whom were always savoured with much interest! I avoided them for the fear of losing the few kilos I had gained. Nevertheless, it used to be another activity where I would unload all the secrets (of others ofc)

Back to Back Movies- I still laugh hysterically on the kind of movies we have watched that too in theaters. To name a few- Dhol, Saawariya, Rama Rama Kya Hai Drama, Apna Sapna Money Money et al. But we always had a great time. Commenting out loud and as if it was not enough to have wasted time on watching them, discussing them over and over.

Sleeping- Imagine cushioned seats, drone of some professors discussing Business Environment or Economics or Legal Aspects of Management, air conditioned and curtained class rooms and above all a seat at the end of the classroom, doubled with Rajdeep (turbaned sardarji who used to sit right in front of me) protecting me from the eyes of professors-yes the first year was a heaven for sleeping in classes. Though I never slept in the second year-there was too much time to sleep in room.

Festivities- One amazing thing about IIMs is the way every festival is celebrated. Though the main attraction for everyone was the special menu on these days ( for me yum cakes), but somewhere the spirit of these also caught up with us.


Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I find it hard to regret anything that I have done with my life. Choices come -acknowledged by some, denied by others and unnoticed by many and when you have knowingly or unknowingly made them, where is the room for regret? As long as there is no poverty of opportunity, for good or for worse, I would never regret anything

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Shared Happiness

3 AM, dark still night, just lying on my swing with my fav music. The experience was ethereal. But I am no poet who can transport the happiness and peace I felt in words. And so began a train of thoughts which broke the calm and set in a melancholy.

Happiness is in a moment. It flies when you spread your hands to catch it. May be thats the reason that only the happiness shared with others has any memory. The rest are just fleeting moments which dont leave any mark or impression on your heart. You experience them to forget them. Someone has to share the same time and (almost the same)space with you for it to be immortal. And that's exactly the same reason we like to experience grief alone. We want to banish it forever from our memory.

Well, it may not be possible to share your moment with someone every time but the next time you feel it, just send a message to your beloved ones in an attempt to share the sublime happiness with them and to let them know that wherever they are, they are being missed :-)

Friday, March 28, 2008

har mulakat ka anjaam judai kyun hai
is jahaan mein malik teri khudai kam kyun hai